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Trampoline is FUN and enhances children’s fitness faster than perhaps any other activity. But the benefits go beyond that:

• There is no better activity than trampoline to train spatial awareness, a critical skill in all sports. Additionally, spatial awareness is considered one of the ‘eight intelligences’ and has been linked to enhanced cognitive development.

• The inherent FUN of trampoline disguises the amount of energy being expended! Unlike so many children’s activities, when on trampoline, children eagerly sustain an activity level that leads to genuine fitness including: cardiovascular health; leg and core strength; calorie burning and weight loss.

• Athletes ,such as gymnasts, dancers, cheerleaders, swimmers, divers, skateboarders, football, basketball and soccer players use T&T as a supplemental core building activity.

Club T & T

These skill-oriented classes are for school-age children and teach the classic three TnT sports disciplines (trampoline, tumbling, double mini-trampoline) using such adventures as Alligator Island, Hip Hop Hop Scotch, Little Red Rolling Hood and more! Tumbling skills taught in this class include: basic rolls, handstand, limbering, cartwheel, round off, front and back handsprings, somersaults. Trampoline skills taught in this class include: basic rolls, shapes, positions, rotation initiation drops, turns, twists and somersaults. Double mini-trampoline skills include the above as well as running form and safe landings. Success in this class requires a certain standard of fitness.

  • T&T Bronze (1 hour per week): This class is for students who are NEW to tumbling or students who are still working on rolls, handstand forward rolls, handstands to bridge, bridge down to an 8" mat, and cartwheels, basic body position jumps and drops on trampoline. 
  • T&T Bronze-Silver (1 hour per week)  Combo Class for Bronze and Silver Level Athletes. 
  • T&T Silver (1 hour per week):  Students have MASTERED Bronze skills and working on 1-arm cartwheel, round-off, bridge down kick-over on flat surface, front limber, and back limber.
  • T&T Gold (1 hour per week): Must have MASTERED all Bronze and Silver skills and is working on front and back walkovers, round-off back handspring(s), standing back handspring, front handsprings, front tucks. 

What to Wear

Girls wear a leotard or shorts & a T-shirt, tucked in. Boys wear shorts and a T-shirt, tucked in. Students MUST wear socks or trampoline shoes, that aid in comfort. Hair should be pulled back for safety, as long hair interferes with rolling, somersaulting and twisting skills. Please, no gum or jewelry.

Recreational Trampoline and Tumbling Class Prices

1st weekly class (Price per month) 2nd weekly class (Price per month)
1st child $70 $50
Sibling Discount 2nd child and above $10 off
Military, Fire, Police Discount 10% off 10% off
$35 Membership Fee (annually) per child

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